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Own a racehorse at The Bell House

There are many different ways you can become involved in racehorse ownership. It is good to remember is that owning a racehorse or at least part of one, does not have to be expensive.


There is a huge fun element besides going racing which involves choosing and naming your horse (if it is unnamed), choosing racing silks, visiting your horse and watching it racing preparation and finalising racing details.

The ownership option most suitable for you will vary depending on your budget and the amount of involvement you would like. We welcome first time owners alongside established owners alike and sourcing horses is all part of the service.

Sourcing your horse:

While horses often benefit from the change of scenery and the detailed approach at The Bell House, Kerry and her parents have a strong track record when it comes to sourcing a new recruit.

Whether you are looking for a previously raced older horse or a 3yo store – we can help. Nemean Lion is a recent purchase who has blossomed since leaving his Godolphin roots for the fresh air of Herefordshire. Pimlico Point and Atlanta Brave both came to us via the Irish Point to Point circuit and dual chase winner Not Sure was bought as a 3yo store horse at the June Derby Sale in 2019.


Sole Ownership

This is the form of ownership where you have sole choice of colours and names (if the horse is unnamed) and are responsible for all costs and profits.



Co-ownership of a racehorse involves more than one person – this can take many different formats but the most common are as follows:


1. Company Ownership

This is a way of using your company to own a horse. It is a great way of advertising your company or perhaps a way of bringing company members/employees together. You can name the horse after your company providing you buy a horse that is un-named. You can also run a horse that is already named but owned by your company.

2. Co-ownership

For two or more people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses, and where all members of the Partnership are registered owners. Partnerships allow owners to define the percentage of each horse they own and split costs and winnings in accordance with ownership share.

3. Syndicate/Racing Club

For people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses. A Syndicate is managed and administered by the Syndicator/s. Only the syndicator/s must register as a Sole or Company owner. It isn’t necessary for members of the Syndicate to register as owners.


The Kerry Lee Racing Club

Keep your eyes peeled - The Kerry Lee Racing Club is coming soon!

Get in touch with Kerry on 07968242663 or if you would like to make an appointment to visit the yard and meet the team or just make further enquiries.

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